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Interview with Mr. Zureck

To what extent have you been able to simplify the business processes in your company with the help of FILEBOX?

"Nowadays, almost everyone has a flat rate internet connection at their disposal. Because FILEBOX is independent of Leonardo or Fritzcard, everyone is able to send us data.

All you have to do is fill out the form.
Similarly, it is just as easy for us to send data to all of our customers. We simply upload the data into FILEBOX and the customer is then sent an automatic E-mail with a corresponding link. It is up to them when and how often they download the data.

There is no other way of moving data ?to and fro? in such a flexible manner. For our company, this means that we do not have to have one PC dedicated to receiving data via ISDN. This would result in a very cost intensive workstation. What counts for the customer regarding downloading, counts for us too.

We decide when and, especially, from which PC, we would like to download data. This PC does not have to be located at our premises, it just needs to have internet access."

Which transfer method do your customers predominantly use?

"This is the major benefit of FILEBOX. Regardless of how the customer would like to send us data, FILEBOX is open for all methods and we benefit from this.

A particularly advantageous option within FILEBOX, is the security aspect for our E-mail traffic. Prior to the customer?s E-mail address being released by us, the mails are not be accepted by FILEBOX. Therefore, I have the opportunity to release or freeze mail addresses at any time thus protecting us against spams.

How have your customers reacted to FILEBOX?s data transfer /data receiving options?

"Simple operation and secure transfer would summarise their feelings. The only problem that has occasionally arisen, is that the data transfer is slowed down by the internet provider.

The most popular method amongst our customers is the web-upload. As soon as we have downloaded the data from FILEBOX, the customer receives an automatic E-mail at the address that they have provided.

In this way, they are sure that the data has arrived securely and they do not need to ask if all the data has been transferred or lost ?again? (unlike with ISDN)."

How would you assess the support in the case of problems with FILEBOX?

"The level of support is excellent. Problems are immediately dealt with and you are always kept up-to-date when the problem takes a little longer to solve."

Olaf Zurek
Makossa Druck und Medien