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IPEX 2006

Essen, 29.03.06

For IPEX 2006, the largest English-speaking trade fair for the printing and media industries in Europe, Base-t GmbH & Co. KG, the Essen-based company, is presenting a further developed version of their data management system FILEBOX.

IPEX 2006 is the first step into the international market for Base-T GmbH & Co. Kg. A multilingual version will be presented initially in German and English.

FILEBOX is an internet based data transfer system which was specially developed for printing and media businesses, publishers, journalists, film production companies and also architects.

The FILEBOX concept intelligently summarises the benefits and opportunities of several conventional data transfer methods (ISDN, FTP, E-mail, Fax and browser-based data transfer) in a convenient and web-based product and connects them in a clear fashion.

FILEBOX is available in various different modules, ranging from a free version up to a complete server solution.

About Base-t
The development of innovative, web-based software for the print and media sectors is the focus area of Base-T GmbH & Co. KG.
In the course of the extensive distribution of DSL connections, Roland Orlik, the Managing Director, had the idea in 2001 to simplify data and job handling.

As a qualified designer and through his extensive experience as a IT specialist for that industry, Roland knows about the problems of transferring large amounts of data and possible improvements and saving opportunities in job handling:

?Our marketing model for the FILEBOX product on a rented basis provides particularly small and medium-sized companies with the opportunity to implement the most up-to-date technology without the associated investment costs. This includes, for example, integrated job management, automated data transfer or the integration of local print workflows in a complete structure.

In the current economic climate, it is essential for the printing business to utilise the internet?s opportunities together with intelligent technology for automation and cost saving.

Our products should help small firms to stay competitive and also provide them with the opportunity to extend their service range.?

Point of contact for the press
Base-T GmbH & Co. KG

PR contact: Jörg Schönenstein
Managing Director: Roland Orlik
Tel. +49-201-2667083
Fax. +49-201-2667084


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