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With FILEBOXclient you can send data even more conveniently...
As a user of FILEBOXpro, FILEBOXClient gives you the data transfer opportunity of the FILEBOX system with the comfort of a desktop application.

As a user of FILEBOXpro, you now have the chance to group data via ?drag and drop? together with jobs, to collect several jobs and to send them in one working step.


Tiresome waiting periods for individual transmissions no longer exist.

Sent data can be reused for a new transmission by using the integrated archive.


With the FILEBOXclient, your customers are provided with the same level of comfort when sending data to you.

The client product is available for Windows and Macintosh and free of charge.

  • Data transmission to any FILEBOX
  • Data provision for E-Mail receivers
  • Windows and MAC compatible
  • Automatic condensing of outgoing data
  • Collecting of data via Drag & Drop
  • Job tickets
  • Archiving of sent jobs/data
  • Collecting of jobs and recorded transmissions
  • Creation of several packages in one work cycle
  • Error management
  • Chance to re-send if interrupted
  • Protocol