internet-based, server-based
or as FILEBOX-Module

Essen, 01.10.04

Fax communication under control
Receive faxes conveniently via E-mail ? fast and secure, completely paperless. If you have ever dreamt about this, you will love FAXBOX: with an individual fax number for each employee, faxes will never again get lost in the in-house mail.
All faxes can conveniently appear as a PDF file in your E-mail account ? digitally archivable ? on request, fully automatic.

From ?3 per month per fax number, under, we provide you with the opportunity to use FAXBOX in cooperation with FILEBOX and, with this, the FILEBOX functionality to enhance fax entry.

FAXBOX can be used without having FILEBOX, in this case, the incoming faxes are sent directly to a defined mail address.

Let us know if you?d like to find out more about the FAXBOX functionality.