Essen, 05.04.03

With the ISDN-Module for FILEBOX, you can communicate as usual with ISDN lines

  • ISDN compatibility for every workstation
  • Notification via the new data entry feature in your Filebox
  • Automatic sender recognition from Leonardo remote stations - no more stray ISDN data
  • Clear data entry, arranged under sender and time of entry
  • PC and MAC compatible reception
  • No ISDN hardware or ISDN channels necessary - the connection occurs via your existing internet connection (DSL required)
  • The conventional ISDN protocols are supported
  • No need for additional ISDN lines
  • Monthly costs are even lower than with a conventional ISDN connection

LEOBOX is available 24 hours a day. Engaged lines will become a thing of the past. With LEOBOX, we can provide you with the highest level of ISDN flexibility, starting with 2 channels, but extendable to 28 channels with immediate availability. Furthermore, you can select whether you require data entry solely with LEOBOX, or if you would like to use LEOBOXpro to send to ISDN remote switches. Additional information can be found under Products/LEOBOX.