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  • No data transfer charges
  • Flat rate
  • Free scalability

FILEBOX is internet based ? and, therefore, ?ready to use?, quick to implement and requires no investment. In the case of local system integration, FILEBOXlocal is also available on a rented basis. High-End technology is, therefore, immediately available and cost-effective for smaller companies and individuals.

You can even quickly and easily adapt your monthly costs to match your current requirement. If you take, for example, a holiday and have very little data transfer, than simply adjust your FILEBOX contingent to a smaller size.

You only pay for what you really use! Up and downgrades are free of charge.

Scale between 100 and 2,000 MB ? depending on your requirement.
A sudden adjustment for a period of up to 24 hours within one month is also free of charge.

The expansion of the size of your FILEBOX is automatically validated for only that month in which you actually use it. You can adapt the size as often as you wish ? no extra costs are incurred.


FILEBOX makes additional hardware and maintenance costs for other data transfer methods redundant.