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LEOBOX is an additional modul for your FILEBOX and enables the receiving and sending of ISDN-Data without ISDN-Hardware and ISDN-Channels. LEOBOXpro is available from 2 up to 28 Channels PMX if you need.

ISDN is still being extensively used in the print- and media industry. For amounts of data from around 100MB it is, however, no longer suitable due to the technical limitations of 64kbit per channel or 128kbit with channel bundling.

In the age of DSL, ISDN has become too slow and time intensive. Often company must offer the two ISDN-Standards for MAC and PC.
That means: more Hardware / more Software / more Channels and more costs.

Anyway, these companys always have Broadband-Internet-Access. Why not use it for your ISDN-communication as well?

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