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Competitive advantages through transparency

  • Customer involvement in the workflow
  • Job ticket for every job
  • Job ticket access for customers and service providers
  • Job release with a mouse click
  • Automatic messaging in the case of status changes
  • Recording of decisions

Job specific information saves valuable time in the working day. Not only your customers can give you precise data without further queries, your staff can also work more effectively with clear instructions. Waste and defective production caused by insufficient instructions or poor telephone communication will become a thing of the past.

If requested, we can create individual job tickets for every requirement, for example, for the advertising office, CTP, offset printing, digital printing or with job information for agencies, film production or architects.
Up-to-date feedback messages and incoming data information via E-mail also provide a clear view of what is important ? the actual job!

Messaging - Immediately informed

Would you like to know whether your data has arrived on time or whether a job has entered your FILEBOX? No problem ? FILEBOX messaging informs you immediately of the current status of jobs. And of course, not just you, but your customers as well ? fully automatically. You are immediately informed when a job has been securely saved on the receiver?s hard disk, whether the data is alright, when the job is being processed and when it is ready to be collected. Telephone arrangements become redundant.

Recording - FILEBOX is informed

All information regarding job processing is saved in the job management function. You can be advised of the current status of particular jobs or find out information about completed jobs. Use the internal job tickets for specific working instructions or for comments by the staff involved.

You are all too aware of the tight deadlines associated with the printing and media industries. At the last minute, no mistakes can be made. You require systems that you can always rely on ? even at the last minute.

Data communication in the workflow is a decisive link in the production cycle.

The production time for jobs is often stretched to the limit and the data must be forwarded to the next processing stage on time. As fast and as securely as possible.

FILEBOX provides a universal XML interface in order to align job ticket information with other systems such as ERPs or project management systems.

Up-to-date job information can, therefore, be exchanged with other systems and be displayed on both sides. Uniform job forms help you to inform yourself at any time, of jobs regardless of the system you are using.

If you require, we will be pleased to adjust the data exchange format for you.

Job administration ? everything in view

  • Clearly sorted by customer, appointment or processing status
  • Enhanced search functions and views
  • Archive your jobs ? if you have any problems, the original information is still available.

FILEBOX administers in a clear manner all incoming and outgoing data. Important activities such as downloads, job releases, status changes etc. are recorded by the system and shown on the job ticket. Through the transparent job administration feature, all those involved can access information whenever they choose. Misunderstandings in data communication become a thing of the past.