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  • Data transfer - internet based
  • Operating system independent
  • Free of local standards
  • ISDN hardware - redundant

Through the extensive development based on the latest technology, FILEBOX can provide you with a well-thought out and tailored product to meet all of your requirements.


FILEBOX is compatible with all computer systems; the only prerequisite is an up-to-date internet browser.The operation of FILEBOX is as simple and convenient as accessing a website.

FILEBOX uses IP-based transfer methods, but is additionally ?downstream compatible? to established ISDN standards with the LEOBOX module.


LEOBOX integrates ISDN data transfer options into FILEBOX ? IP-based without ISDN technology as a FILEBOX user.

You conveniently receive incoming data via Leonardo®-ISDN, Leonardo® over IP or Fritz!Card® in your FILEBOX.

You send outgoing data to ISDN remote switches via the internet over our central LEOBOX-server with the option of having channel bundling of up to 28 channels.




LEOBOX provides you for the first time with the option of using ISDN services via the internet. Via your particular internet connection, you will always have secure access to our ISDN server, you only have to use your LeonardoExpress client.